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Strength in forms: Langlotz injection moulding technology

Many can make light-weight parts – so can we, but we can make heavy parts, too.

° machine clamping force up to 500 tonnes

° injection-moulded parts made of thermoplastic materials from 0.1 to 2,000 g

° extensive on-call storage centre for your needs

° own vehicle fleet

° a century of experience

° Made in Germany in the true sense of the word

We will counsel and support you, manufacture your products according to highest quality standards and deliver on schedule. To help you limit the size of your inventory, we will be glad to keep your goods on call in our warehouse.

Any further questions? Please phone +49 (0)2353 91390.

More than a century’s experience with forms

The company Langlotz & Co. was founded in Ruhla/Thuringia in 1910 and began by making radio accessories and electrical commodities during the first few years. It was already producing injection-moulded components from polystyrene in the 1930s.


In top form round the clock: Langlotz injection moulding technology

Our ability to manufacture parts with clamping forces of up to 5,500 kN is a distinctive feature which sets us apart from the crowd of potential suppliers.


In top form now and in future: Langlotz injection moulding technology

We check not only the first samples of any new product, but also continuously monitor the series production. The documentation and storage of all records and data available is audited at regular intervals and enables a high degree of traceability.